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Unlocking the Hidden Frequencies of Your Body with Bioresonance

Published: 25/06/2024 @ 13:33PM

Have you ever wondered why you feel certain way or experience certain health issues? The answer may lie in the frequencies that your body emits. Bioresonance is cutting-edge technology. It has been gaining popularity in the UK and around the world. It works by detecting and balancing the frequencies within your body. Promoting overall health and well-being. Moreover, we will explore how it can benefit you.

Did you know Everything Emits a frequency Including YOU!

Bioresonance waves, Harmony within the cells, Healing vibrations ,

As humans we are made up of energy. Our bodies emit various frequencies. These frequencies can be influenced by our thoughts, emotions and environment. Bioresonance is form of energy medicine that utilises these frequencies to promote healing and balance within the body. It is based on the principle that every cell in our body has its own unique frequency. When these frequencies are disrupted it can lead to illness and disease.

Bioresonance therapy involves using a machine to detect and analyse the frequencies emitted by your body. The machine then sends back a corrective frequency. This restores balance and harmony within your body. This therapy can be used to treat a wide range of health issues. From allergies and chronic pain to hormonal imbalances and mental health disorders.

One of the key benefits of bioresonance is its non-invasive nature. Unlike traditional medical treatments, it does not involve any needles or medication. This makes it a safe and gentle option for people of all ages. Including children and pregnant women. It also has no known side effects. This makes it a popular choice for those seeking natural and holistic healing methods.

Another advantage of bioresonance is its ability to detect imbalances in the body before they manifest as physical symptoms. This means that it can be used as preventive measure to maintain overall health. It helps ensure well-being. By identifying and correcting these imbalances bioresonance can help to boost your immune system. It can improve your energy levels. Additionally, it enhances your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Bioresonance can also be used in conjunction with other medical treatments. It can help support and enhance the effectiveness of traditional medicine. This makes it valuable addition to any healthcare plan. It can also serve as a complementary therapy for chronic conditions that have not responded well to conventional treatments.

In the UK bioresonance is becoming increasingly popular. More people seek alternative and natural healing methods. It is recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). It is used by many healthcare practitioners across the country. However, it is important to note that bioresonance is not replacement for medical treatment. It should always be used under the guidance of qualified practitioner.

Now you may be wondering how bioresonance actually works. The theory behind it is based on the concept of resonance. This is the ability of an object to vibrate at its natural frequency. When external frequency is introduced it can either amplify or cancel out the natural frequency. In the case of bioresonance the machine detects harmful frequencies. It cancels these while promoting and enhancing the beneficial ones.

Bioresonance is a fascinating technology. It is gaining recognition for its ability to promote health and well-being. It works by detecting and balancing the frequencies within our bodies. It promotes natural healing and overall harmony. If you are interested in exploring this form of therapy be sure to consult qualified practitioner. Experience the power of bioresonance for yourself.

"Bioresonance: where the symphony of life meets the orchestra of cells, harmonising the body's frequency."

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About me ...

I am Jacque a Certified Bioresonance Practitioner

Are you struggling to find solutions to Your health concerns? i help to Find your Root Cause and  Restore your Body's 

Health. Naturally.

Also, I am a Clinical Aromatherapist 🍶 EFT Practitioner  🌺 Swedish Masseusse💆🏽‍♀️

We offer Full Health Analysis & Bio-feedback 👩🏽‍⚕️ Global Intolerance testing🍞🧀 Bach flower testing.🌼 

Using  DoTerra Essential oils & Herbal Remedies to support all your Health needs.

Based in UK & France

I married a wonderful man 30 yrs ago who then not long after we married, had a work injury, we had to give up our business as he was no longer able to do it, I became his full-time carer for over 4 years whilst he was unable to walk.

We have 2 girls, the youngest with a Neurological functional disorder.

Our oldest was the reason I became a Bioresonance Practitioner. 

I am really passionate about bioresonance as I have seen the amazing results it has done for my family and friends & have to share this with others, 

We originally moved to France over 10 years ago & then back to the UK to get our youngest daughter the needed medical help as Brexit was proving to make things difficult.

We are now back in France 🇫🇷  since we sold that House & moved due to a neighbour from Hell to the Charente.

We have bought a 300yr old cottage and plan to turn it into a small wellness retreat & re-established my business, hmmm might take some time

I trained in Bioresonance over 10yrs ago, WHY?

Have you ever had that feeling when someone is suffering

so many doors are closed

As a parent, that feeling is desperate, not knowing where to find the solution.

That's where we were over 10 yrs ago.

Frequency Medicine was our answer!

Don’t worry I hadn’t heard of it either until then …. in my research, I discovered about Bioresonance; We decided we needed to find out more.

I then sent off a test to see my results, and I was so blown away by them.

As time passed, I added the Emotional Freedom Technique, Swedish massage & Aromatherapy and different massage therapies.

Because My Passion is to help people find solutions to their health concerns as I did for My Family

Life has been a rollercoaster & at times extremely difficult, something we have learnt along the way is never to give up no matter how tough it gets.

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